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OUR INITIAL OPENING declared circa 2018 and still standing: 
 ...we have never been the pre-approved people with o p p o r t u n i t i e s  . . ....
We seem to have set for ourselves the huge task of ‘art, culture and society’. It seems with such words FU FU PEOPLE WITH intends to publish a magazine of culture. That lofty idea is far from our humble aims. Our aim is not to be in lockstep with any current existing publication today, of which there are many. For us, the stakes are high precisely because we have no idea, beyond saying fufu your hierarchies, what is about to happen here, whether in this press outfit on which we’ve just now embarked, whether in North America or in the continent Africa or in the thing that drives us most, Art: the art and ideas of many minds, many places, many with whom we share this aesthetic affliction of mind, many who have no country, no people, for whom there has never been the known coterie of recommending boors to scurry them smugly along. FUFU/PEOPLE WITH was set up so we may publish exactly whatever. An exercise in failure perhaps, but nevermind. We know what we don't want. We don't want ideas that either skirt the issues or give us the same old cant bleated by the race and class purists, we have no admiration for the cronies of congeniality: the insiders. What we seek however are nameless, endless and uncountable! We  seek to publish primarily visual, with a strong textual base yes or no, ideas or a moment, a good argument is our enjoyment, with form or content, a gesture of a moment in time is a pleasure to see! Who are the poets and writers writing tensely on tense subjects? Who are the painters able to weave a question? A book about an argument with xyz poet of xyz era? Who are the real outsiders of any ethnicities? We believe in the slender book, the succinct book, the book beyond categories, the book that respects no one but a moment with it. The vast range of ideas that could be thought, to give a finger or a wave, to encapsulate the state of things today! Or just geometry made into words would be good to see as well. Like we said, ours is no attempt to produce another online publication or to career folks already quite adept at that which we are not: the voracious positivity marketing too common these days. It is highly likely we will print but five copies of the end work. High tension stuff in good ink on good paper. A singular voice or divergent contextual duo of images and text. We want individuals not enslaved to give the obligatory sign or brand. We want the loose, the odd, the playful, the intense - and very intense; the very political, the formal. Etc. You get the idea. We want to hear from some mind who have something to say about ancient ninjas of Peru and has drawings too to boot; or knows the dimensions of slave boats pulled by Libyan jackals of twenty eighteen. We want new writing on old materials: present problems, never-ending matters. Old sculptures such as the Nok Culture addressing problem areas today; old language seen in new light, old forms old tears on new face — whether of systems or thoughts or of things, actual things. From formal to the literary, maths or physics to theory to memes or just odd, visual versifications. Concrete poetry.

The only requirement is that we consider you an artist or a poet, whether by art or outrage, or perhaps in your actions as a sponsor of art and beauty. We have no stake in the world. We have never been the pre-approved people with opportunities. We have no ponies therefore. We will put love and time in it. Let us know what you have. 

Send to Attn: Submissions, the following:
- an introductory 50 word note of project in the body of an email, OR
- a one page mock-up of the work in pdf, OR
- if no text in mock-up, paste in body of email an intro/text no more than 50words.

Send the above only when your project visuals and all proofs of your written texts are absolutely final. Design is our forte but editing text is a feat for a greek statue called achillesfeet.


formerly and still known as PEOPLE WITH NO COUNTRY
Change of name is not change of plans, or is it. THEATRE IS OVER THERE.

why ‘THEATRE IS OVER THERE’? As much as we PEOPLE WITH NO COUNTRY are within and a part of the rest of the world, the rest of the world is in a sense outside of us. THEATRE IS OVER THERE admits this distance. It is a phrase alert to our isolation free of the wringing of hands, which we can no longer bear. It is a phrase more to our liking than the unbearable volume of being without people or country. We are in a stranglehold of the issues of course and are ‘over there’ in it as well. But let it be ‘over there’, for crying sake. Further, the phrase THEATRE IS OVER THERE. has in it the words THEATRE IS OVER i.e. the realism in your face of which the times they are. We are weary of the realism even as we understand that in a reality is exactly what the world today is. Which one can always return to. So, THERE. THEATRE IS OVER THERE. is our little solace and our play.

On the morning of March 13 2023, we changed our name…

Change of name is not change of plans. Or is it

With the kindest regards,


a press named after a food or letters F U to the logarithms of two? (if you say one, you are out of the game)


THEATRE IS OVER THERE is a publishing ideas outfit established in 2018 by Isoje Chou (Zhou Aisogie)

THEATRE IS OVER THERE is interested in publishing independent visual ideas about pressing matters in Art, Culture and Society, including limited editions artist books. 

Working Title: Dead Colonials
Product form: Book
ISBN:Coming soon
Projected Publication Year: tba
Publication Status: Upcoming