a beckettian argument on the Ukrainian war by two Nigerians

A: The bear has come to play. Uncle Sam is just playing hide and seek, coward Uncle Sam, invading less powerful countries, looting…

B: Bros, you know it’s Russia that invaded Ukraine, right?

A: You also know Iraq was invaded by NATO, right?

B: No, Iraq was not invaded by NATO, it was invaded by the US and UK mainly. France, Germany, as in, major NATO countries, they all opposed the invasion...but we are talking about Ukraine sha…

A: If we are talking about invasion, any invasion, let’s be truthful and total...let's not be sided...or biased. Is Ukraine the only war front on earth?

B: But we are talking about Ukraine, nah. Not Ethiopia, Mali, Nigeria, Burma, Congo, Somalia, Solomon Islands, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Philippines, e.t.c...or any of the other countries that are currently in conflict. Ukraine. Let’s stay focussed.

A: Ok, lead the way. You want to act as if only Ukrainians matter. Fire away! 

B: Russia invaded Ukraine. Nobody forced them...

A: Lol..let’s take Solomon Island, as example...Cuba for example...all NATO-USA, whatever the name they are preferring to use. They should try invade the bear's domain…even Hitler and Napoleon tried and paid dearly. At the end of this war we will know who got the more damage…Russia economy is not yet on the floor as predicted…but Europe is feeling the pinch.

B: Bros, did you not just say I should fire away? Again, the topic is Ukraine. Stay on track.

A: Tell me, why won’t Russia attack Ukraine?

B: Well, Russia did attack Ukraine…shouldn't you be explaining why Russia attacked Ukraine?

A: No, you should be telling me why shouldn’t Russia attack Ukraine.

B: I don't get the question.

A: Neither do I.