Isoje Chou / Isoye “China”, 2020
Media: Inkjet pigment & dye on paper on Masonite; wood frame
Size: 30cm x 36cm x 3cm
FFPEOPLEWITH has been given the go ahead to supply anyone at all with a copy of ‘China’ for use as a frustrations relief shooting board. If you have just purchased a print, congratulations!

Designed after the sculpture/painting above, “China”, the  resulting print depicts a facsimile image that will serve to provide psychological simulations where people can, in real time and in the course of an actual act or actioning, 🎯 the generally agreed upon origin of our current pandemic malaise. (Please see image of print below).

Simulations are imitations of some real thing. The act of simulating something ‘generally entails representation of key characteristics or behaviours of a selected physical or abstract system’. Used in this context therefore, we are able to direct our anger in tried performance optimizations should there be any real action demanded of us by our various countries against the target of our frustrations. We at FFPW are however mindful that that should be unnecessary. We are for the unity and cooperation of the many trying aspects of our shared humanity. Which is why we provide this shooting board as placard in hope it will serve instead as alternative, self-relieving, instantly-gratifying re-direction of our deepest, current desire for actions and courses of action we may or may not be thinking. Ultimately, simulations of a real desire, however ‘fake’, produce very similar reward contributions to our humours and nervous systems.


Print with any printer on thick, standard-sized A4 paper. *If you require a larger print size, say 16x24, resize according.


Upon receiving a TIFF file from us, immediately print image. Glue copy to a board or area of wall inside your home, outside in the garden, etc, and begin simulated shooting — whether by bow and arrow or whatever weapons of your choice. Remember, this is all about simulation to ease global tensions one person at a time.

What is the solution? Rain is the solution.

Rain (is the solution)
Recognize what you're experiencing
Accept that's what you're experiencing
Investigate why you're experiencing it
Non-identify with that experience: 'i am not the body, i am not the mind, i am not my emotion'  
- Shaolin 
‘China’, FFPW
From the 2020 series

Item: TIFF file