Book Release: *aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh - a geometry of present tenses 

*aaaaaaaaaaaargh a geometry of present tenses 
103 pages (97 pages fully illustrated), Release date: October 19 2019; 
Worldwide release (via online announcement). 
Softcover limited editions. 
Size: 203mm x 266mm. 
Archival pigment ink printing throughout on 24lbs white uncoated stock, matte, at 354 PPI, with in house binding. 

All drawings/digital paintings by the artist. 

ISBN: 978-1-7751613-5-6

Limited Editions softcover, First Printing 2019 (12 copies); 2nd Printing 2023

Back cover: found image digital collage: Aaaaaaaargh, 2019 

Ordering Information: contact email  

Printed in archival pigment ink in studio by PEOPLEWITHNOCOUNTRY

Published by FUFU PRESS


FUFU/PEOPLE WITH fourth publication is on the way!